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Rent Property in Limassol

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Renting a Property in Cyprus

Limassol is the center of attraction in Cyprus. Anyone who has ever visited this city certainly wants to come back here again and again, be it a business or tourist trip.

In order to enjoy your stay on the island for as long as possible, we propose that you make use of our services and rent accommodation in Cyprus. The demand for rental property in Limassol has always been high.

However that may be, the general impression of the island as a whole and of the city in particular is formed not only and not so much due to the beautiful views that can be experienced here.

After all, no matter how you look at it, there needs to be a place where you will relax and “digest” all of your impressions in order to gain new strength and to be encouraged every day to dive into the cultural heritage, rich in various places of interest, and into the noisy and fun entertainment available for every taste!

And demand, as we know, always creates supply. The company Cyprus Butterfly offers housing in Limassol for rent, in accordance with your financial capabilities, be it a house, apartment or office, both for short and long-term residence.

Our company has long been engaged in renting out accommodation in Cyprus, specializing in housing in Limassol.

With us, you can easily find the right property for you, and we guarantee that it will comply with all legal norms!


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